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BallStream Matchplay Scoreboard

Live scoreboard software for all sports matches and all sized monitors
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12 July 2012

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While holding a gaming event there is typically a need for displaying the score or points. Though traditionally large screens or black boards were maintained which were manually altered – with time they have started looked highly unprofessional and unappealing. Now, we give you BallStream Matchplay Scoreboard 1.1 which is a software application built for displaying scores on a computer screen, TV or large monitors for different gaming events. This tool is best fit for games such as snooker, billiards along with all other games which are governed by points. Using this application you can quickly add a professional touch to the school or office game that you are conducting without much effort.

BallStream Matchplay Scoreboard automatically rescales itself giving you the best possible display in any kind of screen size. You just have to add the event name and input the name of players who are going to play the game and see the software working magnificently. The score board is controlled via keyboards or numpad. There are five colour schemes to choose from and lets you customize the font style and size. The display looks really cool that are high-quality images of PNG format. In case there arises any problem while entering any score you can reset the break just by clicking the ‘Restart’ option. For finishing a game you need to edit the current match for updating the game score and restart the game which will reset the score total. The option ‘Event delete’ will clear the entire details of data and information which is prevailing in the program and allow space for new data to get written on it.

BallStream Matchplay Scoreboard is indeed a brilliant tool for enjoying the game with score displayed vividly and clearly on large as well as small screen. We give this scoreboard software a score of three and half rating points for its stellar performance.

Publisher's description

Live scoreboard software for all sports matches and all sized monitors. Automatically rescales to suit the screen size. Display a live scoreboard on any computer, notebook or giant plasma screen. Just add the event and players names to get started. Select from 5 preset colour schemes or customize your own for colour, font style and font size. Suitable for snooker, billiards, pool or any other tournament play governed by points and games won.
All sized monitors can be used and no adjustment is necessary as the scoreboard display will automatically detect the usable screen size and adjust size proportionally. All graphics for number and ball displays are high quality PNG images and of adequate size to look good even on the largest monitors, which can be up to 4 metres wide.
Once a match has been set up in your match index, all of the score control functions that you will now need can be controlled by keyboard or number pad only. In fact by using a wireless number pad you can score the game remotely while playing or refereeing.
All points added as a number such as "35" or "-35" will be added to the current break score. When players change turn the break score is then added to the player's total score for the current game.
This Matchplay version of our scoreboard control has been specially designed to be as simple as possible. To run a scoreboard on your monitor or a giant plasma screen all you need to do is type in a few details for the players names and away you go. As a simplified version this software will not provide printouts for your records or player performance statistics. For more sophisticated functions you can use our other Live Scoreboard Control which caters for just about everything imaginable and supports billiards, snooker and three shades of pool.
BallStream Matchplay Scoreboard
BallStream Matchplay Scoreboard
Version 1.1
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